14 Signs You Might Be Friends With An NPC

The world of gaming has introduced us to various fascinating characters, and NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) are undoubtedly among the most interesting ones. These virtual beings can sometimes feel so real that we start to see their traits in our own friends. Here are 14 signs that you might be friends with an NPC!

  1. Scripted Responses: They have a fixed set of responses for every situation. If you find that your friend is using the same phrases or sentences again and again, they might just be channeling their inner NPC.
  2. Limited Range of Emotions: NPCs don’t typically display a wide range of emotions. If your friend maintains a constant mood or rarely shows emotional fluctuation, they might be borrowing a page from the NPC playbook.
  3. Rigid Schedule: NPCs follow a strict routine. If your friend is doing the same things at the same times, every day, without fail, they might have more in common with an NPC than you think!
  4. Quest Giver: They are always sending you on tasks and missions. If your friend often has a new ‘quest’ for you to complete, they’re likely taking cues from their favorite game’s NPCs.
  5. Memory Issues: Just like an NPC, your friend might not remember the conversation you had just a moment ago. If their recall seems more like a ‘reset’, you might just be friends with an NPC.
  6. They Don’t Grow: NPCs usually don’t show personal growth or change over time. If your friend hasn’t changed much in the past few years, they may have some NPC tendencies.
  7. Always Available: If your friend is always available and ready to chat, just like an NPC, they might be living in a virtual world.
  8. Loves Loops: If your friend seems to be stuck in loops of repetitive behavior or conversation, they might just be an NPC in disguise.
  9. Needs Constant Guidance: NPCs often need direction and can’t make decisions on their own. If your friend always seems to be waiting for your input or instruction, they might be showing their NPC side.
  10. Infinite Patience: If your friend never gets tired of listening to your problems and complaints, regardless of how many times you’ve repeated them, they are definitely channeling their inner NPC.
  11. Random Facts: They suddenly start sharing information that seems to be out of the blue and somehow seems scripted, just like when an NPC starts to give out game lore.
  12. Less Personal Information: Just like NPCs, if your friend reveals very little about their personal life, they might be an NPC.
  13. They Have A Favorite Spot: NPCs often stand in the same spot. If your friend has a particular place where they spend most of their time, they might be channeling their NPC vibes.
  14. Lack of Ambition: NPCs don’t typically have personal goals or aspirations. If your friend is content with where they are in life and doesn’t seem to have a driving ambition, they might be showing their NPC colors.

So there you have it, 14 signs that you might be friends with an NPC. Remember, this is all in good fun, and everyone has their own unique quirks and characteristics. But who knows? Your friend might just be the coolest NPC you’ve ever met!