15 Unbelievable Laws From Around the World – Number 9 Will Blow Your Mind

Every nation has its laws, some of which make perfect sense, while others can be downright bizarre. But have you ever wondered about the strangest, most outlandish laws that exist around the world? Buckle up and join us on this whirlwind tour of 15 unbelievable laws you won’t believe are real. Keep your eyes peeled for number 9 – it’s a total mind-blower!

1. Don’t Whistle Underwater in Vermont, USA

Yep, you read that right. According to a lesser-known law in Vermont, underwater whistling is prohibited. We’re not quite sure how you would achieve this, but hey, we’re not here to judge your talents!

2. Don’t Step on Money in Thailand

In Thailand, stepping on money is considered highly disrespectful to the monarch, and it’s actually illegal. So, watch where you walk, because the local coins bear the King’s image.

3. Say No to Selfies with Buddha in Sri Lanka

If you’re planning on taking a selfie with a Buddha statue in Sri Lanka, think again! This act can be perceived as disrespectful and is strictly against the law.

4. Forbidden to Forget Your Wife’s Birthday in Samoa

Husbands in Samoa, listen up! Forget your wife’s birthday, and you’ll be breaking the law. It’s truly a crime to forget this special day.

5. Illegal to Run Out of Gas in Germany

If you’re driving on the Autobahn, make sure you have enough gas to make your trip. Running out of fuel on Germany’s famous high-speed highway is illegal.

6. No Chewing Gum in Singapore

Singapore is known for its stringent laws, one of which includes a ban on chewing gum. If you’re caught, you could face a hefty fine!

7. No Dirty Cars in Russia

Got a dirty car? Better not take it for a spin in Russia. It’s against the law to drive around in a vehicle that’s not clean.

8. No Dying in the Houses of Parliament, UK

As strange as it sounds, it’s illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament in the UK. We’re not entirely sure how this one would be enforced!

9. Illegal to Name Your Child a Common Name in Denmark

Hold on to your seats, because this one will knock your socks off. In Denmark, parents can’t just pick any name for their child. They must choose from a pre-approved list of around 7,000 names. If you want something different, you’ll need to get special permission from the church.

10. No Running Marathons in Certain Homes in Canada

According to an obscure law in Ontario, Canada, you cannot host an unofficial marathon in your home. Better stick to the streets, eh?

11. Illegal to Climb Trees in Oshawa, Canada

Another Canadian entry – in Oshawa, it’s against the law to climb trees. Maybe stick to the playgrounds!

12. No Dancing in Public in Japan

Japan had a ban on dancing in public places without a dance license until 2015. While this law has been relaxed, restrictions still exist.

13. You Must Walk Your Dog Daily in Rome, Italy

In Rome, it’s not just a suggestion but a law that you must walk your dog daily. Neglect this duty, and you could face fines.

14. No Nuclear Bombs in Chico, California, USA

An unusual law in Chico, California, states that anyone detonating a nuclear device within city limits will be fined $500. That’s one way to prevent a nuclear apocalypse!

15. Don’t Let Your Pigeons Wander in San Francisco, USA

If you’re a pigeon owner in San Francisco, be careful. It’s against the law to let pigeons cause a nuisance or roam free.

And there you have it! 15 unbelievable laws from around the world. Which one shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments below.