Calling All Seafood Lovers: The 10 Best Seafood Spots in Virginia Beach, Virginia

From the allure of the Atlantic Ocean to the charm of Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach, Virginia is a seafood lover’s paradise. The city offers an impressive array of restaurants that serve everything from fresh-off-the-boat fish to succulent shellfish. Here’s our list of the top 10 must-visit seafood restaurants in Virginia Beach:

1)Tautog’s Restaurant: This intimate, cottage-style restaurant serves a variety of delectable seafood dishes. The Blackened Tuna Nachos are a must-try!

2)Blue Seafood & Spirits: Chef Charles Thain’s spot offers a 60-seat restaurant that specializes in high-quality seafood dishes made from local ingredients.

3)Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant: This buffet-style restaurant is perfect for those who can’t get enough seafood. Their offer includes crabs, scallops, oysters, and more!

4)Dockside Seafood & Fishing Center: Enjoy the freshest seafood here, where you can also embark on a fishing trip and have the chefs cook your catch.

5)Waterman’s Surfside Grille: Famous for their mouthwatering seafood and their signature drink, the Orange Crush, Waterman’s is a staple of Virginia Beach.

6)Steinhilber’s Restaurant: Opened in 1939, this family-owned restaurant is renowned for its fried jumbo shrimp dish.

7)Rockafeller’s Restaurant: Overlooking the Rudee Inlet, Rockafeller’s serves up great seafood with a fantastic view. Try their famous Oysters Rockafeller.

8)Lynnhaven Fish House: Offering panoramic views of the Chesapeake Bay, this spot provides a broad menu of seafood in a relaxed setting.

9)Mahi Mah’s Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Saloon: Known for their seafood and sushi, Mahi Mah’s also offers a brilliant oceanfront view.

10)Bubba’s Seafood Restaurant and Crabhouse: Located near the Lynnhaven Inlet, Bubba’s is the place to go for blue crabs and other seafood staples.

So, next time you find yourself in Virginia Beach, be sure to check out these seafood hotspots! Whether you’re in the mood for a casual crab feast or a high-end seafood dinner, Virginia Beach has something for everyone. Remember to save room for dessert, and most importantly, enjoy the beautiful ocean views that make dining in this city a truly unique experience. Dive in and enjoy the best seafood Virginia Beach has to offer!